Thursday, March 6, 2014

My Side Kick Today was a Real Pain...

 Kara was wild as a buck today. Into one thing after another. She finally settled down late in the afternoon giving poor AJ the beagle a physical.
 Little AJ, she is such a good sport.
 Before I picked up the wild child this morning I cut out a new quilt from the scrap/stash on hand
 The more I looked at the "Firecracker" quilt in Moda's new book the more I knew I just had to make it.
The pattern direction calls for one layer cake of brights, another of solids. Around our parts a layer cake runs $39.95, that would cost $80.00 for just the blocks. I knew with a little more work I could pull it off with ZERO cost.

After Kara left tonight I started chain piecing the new quilt. Took under an hour to get the chain piecing completed!! Gotta love that. The pulling of fabric and cutting? Hours and hours, ugh.

Wrap fabric, unwrap fabric, clean up a mess, make a mess. Seems to be a daily deal when trying to declutter my stash. I should be returning all the fabric I pulled for the "firecracker" quilt to its rightful place tonight, instead I piled it on the sewing room counter :( This is the first step to doom! After keeping up with Kara all day having the energy to even return the fabric to the sewing room felt like a big accomplishment!

I hope to have this quilt top completed by the weekend. It's a little hard to think spring/summer on this cold winter day with freezing rain and ice predicted overnight but come flip flop season we will be all set. I'm not sure I have the right backing fabric for this quilt, if not I will spend the money for the "just right backing". I figure this one will be drug around on picnics and baseball games. I want a bright happy backing with very little light or white prints that will show dirt and stains.

BTW, I have not forgotten the promised blog candy!! I have gone to plan B since plan A wasn't looking sew good. By this weekend Kara and I will announce the winner!

Off to bed on this cold winter night


  1. Oh- I have had days like that with grandkids-where you don't get a darned thing done and are exhausted anyway. lol That should be quite a quilt. I always love your fabrics. I am the same way- if I don't take care of it right away it all starts piling up again. xo Diana

  2. I can't believe it takes you only an hour to piece it together. Did I mentioned before how awesome you are? :)

  3. Hahaha- hope AJ "passed" his physical! Angela

  4. our weather is all flip floppy too :(

    your new quilt pattern is really pretty, look forward to seeing it.