Saturday, March 22, 2014

My Staff

 One of the things I hoped to finish before our GF weekend was to get the rest of the adopt a doggie bags completed. How in the world would I be able to do that with the wild child around? I put that busy girl to work not knowing how it would go we started small. Alright little gal, put four dog biscuits in each bag, Nanny will close them up. Check!! She loved having a job.
 So far so good, we moved on to the rawhide bones. Missy Prissy I need one bone in each bag, Nanny will close them up when your done. Task complete and she still had a smile on her face.
Papaw helped her continue the days work by filling all the doggie bags. One doggie blanket, a bag of dog biscuits, and a rawhide bone.
 A job well done!!!
 While Papaw and Kara had some batting practice out back I worked on Karsyn's Baseball hoodie. Some eyelet lace to girlie up the front of this $3.99 hoodie.
 Then an embroidered patch on the back to support big brother Tyler's team
Couldn't leave Mason man out, he loves his big brother too!
There is something pretty darn nice to having a staff!!! I lady could get use to this life for sure. Granted they are not as well trained as the Downton Abby staff but in time I think I could whip them into shape!
OK, so it took 5 hours to put together the adopt a doggie bags compared to the hour I could have done them on my own but here's the deal. I had 5 hours of not running around the yard entertaining this outdoorsy gal. My feet are so appreciative! Once Kara went home for the evening hubby and I made the delivery, whee one counter is cleaned off.
My gardener (absent hubby for most of the time) then drove me to the tractor store. Having a driver is lovely let me tell you! All I had to do was write the check for the new tractor the gardener assured me would give us years of good service. It was so nice not to have to worry with RPMS, cylinders, cutting decks, and all that jazz. Delivery will be on Monday morning, once again the staff/hubby will be taking care of that while I will be relaxing in the mountains.
Whats for dinner? Since the cook still had hours of work to do before leaving town in less than 24 hours the driver treated the lady to a nice dinner out. Works for me!
Unfortunately the staff went to bed before the laundry was finished but what the heck he stinks at laundry anyway. This morning the footman/hubby will help load the car of the ridiculous amount of supplies I will never use on our girls getaway. Oh to have this fella around full time, but somebody has to earn a living to keep the estate functioning :(
If I remember right the cabin we will be in has Internet. Sooo the next post will come from our mountain hideaway. I hate so much that I will miss out having two more days with this man of mine but the plan must go on however the spending needs to STOP!!! Holy cow, tractors don't come cheap

Time to get a quick shower before hubby decides to be a ladies maid.  I got no time for that crap this morning if you know what I mean!

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