Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Safe Eggs

Woohoo, I got my safe eggs in, no more wondering if we should eat what is in the grocery store. Seems that the egg problem is over for now and NC wasn't in the recall to begin with but the whole egg deal caught me on a bad day. I was up to my ears disgusted by so many things that are going on in our country lately that I decided at least buying powdered eggs would be one way to have a little more control of the food our family eats. As an added bonus the powder eggs cost less than fresh eggs in the grocery store which aren't really all that fresh to begin with and they will last up to 10 years, not that anything other than dust last 10 years around our house. I'm not ready to fry up a pan of scrambled eggs just yet but I do plan on using them in baking, I can't tell you how many times I am in the middle of a cookie recipe and run short of eggs so this should do the trick. One of our neighbors is in the process of getting laying hens, I am already on her list for fresh eggs but it will take her some time to build up her flock to the point of selling eggs. Our homeowners association is gonna have a slobbering fit, but she is following all of the city ordinances and all of us around her are excited that she is gonna give it a try, were don't belong to the association anyway so it will be more of nuisance dealing with them than anything else. Our homes are on 1 acre lots, we have the room to have chickens and even a few goats if we want, Bob would kill me!! But I think it would be so cool for the Grand babies, for now I will just stick with our garden and safe powdered eggs.

I am still in the midst of cleaning out closets, today is my own closet, now that I am not working outside of our home I need to weed our all of the corporate clothes, shoes and purses, that should free up lots of space. I hope to get Bob to help me on his closet over the long weekend but that might just be wishful thinking. Notice I haven't mentioned the scrapbook closet! I think that needs to wait for a nice rainy day or two, or three but I have got the room back in order finally and I have all of the piles of to do stuff lined up nice and neat.

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