Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Got our Jingle on today!!

Tyler loves to kiss the baby girls
Tyler 4 years, Kara 4 months, Karsyn 4 weeks, how cool is that!!!

We were at the photographers at 8:30 AM today with all 3 grand babies, what a JOY they all were!!! No fussing crying or dirty pants, who could ask for more. This is one of the bad photo's so you can imagine how cute the good ones turned out!! Can't post the good stuff until all the Christmas cards arrive at friends and families mailboxes, the girls would kill me!!

We have used this studio for most of our pictures for the past few years, they are very fast and sorta easy to work with until it comes time to pick the photo's, that's when it gets hairy to say the least. They always start out trying to sell you the over $500.00 package and go down from there, of course you want them all so many parents and grandparents by into the sales pitch.

So here is a money saving tip, tell them you want the cheapest package you can purchase and receive the DVD/CD of all the photo's with a full release to use as you see fit. We were able to get out with a $115.00 package and a full rights CD of the entire photo shoot, might sound like a lot but it is a whole lot better than the $500.00 deal and we split the cost by the 3 of us so it was very affordable. We can take the CD to any photo shop, CVS, Walmart wherever and have Christmas cards or postcards made at $.12 each. I do my printing at home but it runs around the same price when you figure in ink and photo paper. Being a scrap booker I like to print photo's out in lots of different sizes and convert them to black and white for free while leaving the original colored photo intact.

Sooo excited to get this project/outing finished up, even celebrated by taking the whole gang out to breakfast when we were done and the kids were dolls!! Spent the rest of the day running all over town trying to find the "right" frames to put on the entrance table for the season, ended up with the wrong frames :( At least now I know what I really want/need and where to get them a a good price so I will hit it again tomorrow.

My house is in TOTAL disaray, the family room is covered in Christmas cards, spare bedroom is loaded down in Christmas gifts, studio is over run in Christmas projects, Dinning room is in final stages of redecorating and for some reason I decided to start cleaning out my closet this morning at 5:30 AM, I need to find some medication for the wild hairs that seem to keep crawling up my (well you know what I mean) As Scarlett would say tomorrow is another day.

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