Monday, January 17, 2011

Carry Out

Here is our version of carry out. Remember it is still January and we are still on our no spending rule other than groceries and gas for the month. Even if we were not a no spending rule for the month this is pretty much what the refrigerator looks like at the beginning of each week. I pack up enough meals for Rambo Man to take back with him and also meals for myself. Rambo man works crazy hours when he is on a project, even if he wanted to get carry out the restaurants aren't always opened when he is ready to eat and of course nobody can cook like his wife (ya right) I am just to durn lazy to cook for myself so having precooked meals keeps me off the streets and helps with my girlie figure (big lie!) As you can see by all these meals I am supper busy on the weekends cooking or messing with food in one way or another.

Here is what is on the meal plan for the week and how it came about
Lasagna - Precooked and frozen from another time
BBQ Chicken with fixins - Supper from this weekend, I make extra with carry out meals in mind
Filet, wild rice, broccoli, french bread - Leftover from Sunday dinner, made extra for carry out
Stuff Peppers - Stuffing was frozen from last time I made it, I make 3 or 4 batches, then freeze a batch or two for later, all I had to do was stuff the peppers and go
Roast beef, potatoes, carrots and gravy - Leftover from supper, again I make extra for a reason!
Beef and Noodles - Leftover roast beef with a jar of gravy added, throw it over noodles and your done, add sour cream if you want to get fancy
Ham and bean soup - frozen in individual bowls from another time.

Update on my car I love so very much.
Rambo Man and Ty worked on it over the weekend, looks like they fixed it!!!! Thanks goodness! Well at least we think it's fixed, I made him drive it around all weekend to make sure, so far so good. I can't even begin to tell you how thankfull I am. Blessed to have a man around that can fix just about anything and super blessed we have a sweet grandson who likes to do Guy Stuff with his Papaw.

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