Monday, January 10, 2011

Winter Wonderland

Woke up to snow, snow, and more snow. The snow changed over to sleet and freezing ran around 5:00 and is coming down hard. I measured at lunch today, we were up to 5 1/2 inches, that might not seem like a lot for ladies north of the Mason Dixon line but I can tell you it cripples the south. The freezing rain tonight is what will be the worst, doesn't take much to bring down the power lines, so far so good our girls are all doing OK and I am staying warm and cozy.
Spent the day working on photo files, they were a mess! Printed out lots of pictures of the grand babies and sketched a few layouts but never put adhesive to paper. Last Friday I threw my back out and am really struggling to move around, didn't fell much like setting and scrappin today with this bad back. I had hoped to get in to the Dr this morning before the storm hit but out of luck with that, the office was closed, more than likely they won't open tomorrow either. Taking lots of Motrin, using ice packs and back exercises to get it back in shape.
Tomorrow will be another day of hibernating. Would love to get busy on a few layouts if I can get my back to loosen up, if not then it is another day of self doctoring. Continuing the Freeze Yer Buns off challenge, going pretty good so far. I do run the heat up when the babies are around but other than that it is 65 degrees daytime and 55 at night. No spending in January is going great, I did a money transfer last week of $25.00 from what I wanted to spend but held off on. Our tax extension savings was also transferred into savings Friday. Sure is nice to have the extra money so we can make decisions of where to spend it.

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