Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sew Frustrating

I can't remember being so frustrated sewing in my whole life!! I should have been able to whip up at least 3 table runners tonight but one thing after another went wrong, at least I was able to finish this one. I might have found the culprit but to aggravated to do anything else at this point. Planned on getting runners and chair bags in the mail Saturday when I don't have any of the babies, that might be a pipe dream at this point. Maybe tomorrow I will have a better attitude with a good nights sleep and a shot of NyQuil.

I love our grandbabies with all my heart, they are full of life, smiles, giggles and coo's but the little buggers are germ super hero's. Karsyn had a runny nose and lots of sneezing yesterday, by the afternoon I began to develop the same symptoms. Today Tyler, Karsyn and I were all sneezing our heads off, runny nose's and out of sorts. I so wish I could build up enough immunities to ward off all these typical childhood illnesses, I am to old for this crap. Having chills are no fun when you are in the middle of the Freeze Yer Buns Off challenge, even fresh brownies are yucky when you feel like you just swallowed a Brillo pad. Tomorrow is another day, looking forward to a new start.

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