Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Staycation comes to an end

My staycation is almost over :( I haven't finished our family Halloween scrapbook but only have 7 more pages to finish so I am happy with what I have been able to accomplish. I still need to update our oldest Daughters family album but that will be super easy to finish, just need a few more photo's, for some reason I didn't get many of their children, as soon as I get a copy of what they have I can knock it out. I am gonna keep at it until I finish them all, I already have the huge mess all over the family room, no need to clean it up yet, I should be able to work on them in the evening after Kara goes home.
Had to do a few errands today before I could play. Rambo man is running out of meds and can't seem to get to the pharmacy in VA, sent him a package. Returned a Christmas gift for one of our Daughters, somehow I misplaced the receipt, then on to BJ's to pick up formula for our youngest daughter (they don't have a membership card). No spending other than at the post office, did you know that priority mail has gone up? Almost double what it was before Christmas.
Normally when I head out early in the morning I stop in at a local restaurant for the breakfast special that runs $5.45. Money saved! It was cold and dreary here today, I got a heck of a chill running around on errands, passed a Starbucks (Carmel apple cider), also past a Dunkin Donuts (hot chocolate and maple donut) figure I saved an additional $5.00 by keeping the car in drive and not making the stop. Added $10.45 to my total saved this week list and made myself a cup of raspberry tea to warm up with. Speaking of warming up I have really noticed how cold it is in the house this week while continuing the Freeze Yer Buns off challenge. Just setting and scrapbooking all day and most nights doesn't keep my blood pumping enough. Sorta looking forward to running the vacuum tomorrow and doing a little baking to keep the chill off! Our power bill better show an improvement over last year!!!!!

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