Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Staycation Continues

Still on my staycation and lovin it.
Update on the zero spending for the month of January... I so wanted to call in carry out tonight. I am sick to death of the holiday leftovers, wanted a little something different. A good hearty pasta meal is what I had in mind. I can justify the spending in that the servings are really large I can make it into 2 meals easily. Since I would be having it crub side I wouldn't be out $3.00 or so for a drink (don't drink caffeine, lemonade costs more), still needed to give the car hop a tip but I figured the total cost would be $14.00. Two meals would work out to only $7.00 each, not to bad I was thinking. Came back to my senses.... Pasta cost next to nothing at home, I have store box pasta in the pantry and home made pasta in the freezer, throw a little sauce on it ( precooked in the freezer), toss a little chicken in it ( Precooked in the freezer) and its done for zero spending. Too lazy and hungry to even do that so I went with eggs, bacon and toast, bumped it up a bit by pulling out some home made strawberry jelly. I added $14.00 to my money saved list, when I do the banking Friday I will take whatever I would have spent but didn't and transfer it over to savings. Complicated I know but it works for me.
Spent the day working on our family Halloween album, I am switching over from a 9x9 album to a 12x12 album. No way was I gonna rescrapbook all the pages that were done, instead I am mounting the 9x9 pages onto 12x12 pages, sounds fast and easy right? Well not so much, it is taking much longer than I would have thought and I am not crazy with the results. Finished 19 pages, still have 16 more to go, I really thought I would knock it out early today so I could work on this years Halloween photo's, durn that ain't gonna happen. Maybe tomorrow I will do a little better and finish it up, yes tomorrow is another staycation day, the last one. Have a few errands in the morning then the rest of the day and night is all mine...sweet!!!

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