Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sewing Jinx is after me

Not sure what the heck is going on with my sewing week but the sewing buggers must be after me!! The morning started out great, Karsyn fell asleep right after her bottle so to work I went. Needed to cut a bit more material for the table runners but ran out before I could finish, UGH, No problem I am gonna blow my no spending budget and run by the fabric store this afternoon, that will also save our Daughter some time their house is on the way so I will drop the baby off, OK good deal move on.
Began working on the chair goodie bags (photo above), they are so cute. Valentines morning you slip a few little goodies in for the kids or whoever is your sweetheart. I am whipping right along when I ran out of thread, double UGH!!!
Didn't blow my cool yet, figured I can spend a little time cleaning up my mess, Karsyn and I will leave early run to the fabric store get what we need then I can drop her off at home. Karsyn had a different agenda, she decided the afternoon would be fussy time, I am to old to take a fussy baby in the car and head to town that is close to an hour away so we hung out at the house until Mommy got off work then off we went.
I droped Karsyn off then headed to the fabric store free of a heavy, wiggley, fussy baby. Don't you know the durn store now closes at 5:00, it was 5:07. The lady came to the door and was so sweet, I know she thought this poor thing she is crying so hard her face has turned red. NO it is pouring down rain thats why my face is wet and I am running a fever thats why my face is red. They use to be opened until 7:00 but due to the economy they started closing at 5:00 close to a year ago. Nice....
Saturday morning I am free of all Grandbabies I will be at the fabric store when they open the doors then on to the chain fabric store to get in on the 1/2 price thread deal. I will NOT give up!!! Have all 3 little ones tomorrow then just the babies on Friday, I don't expect to get a thing done other than play patty cake, surely I won't mess that up!!

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