Sunday, January 23, 2011

Girls Day Out

Total cost $17.50, my cost $2.37, total saved $15.13
Total cost $125.00, my cost $23.09, total saved $101.91

I meet our oldest Daughter Saturday for a little girl time. I had a few coupons for us to Bath and Body Works so off we went. First trip we had a free coupon for any Signature Collection with a purchase and a free coupon for Carried Away lotion. I hit the 75% off table and picked up a 4 once Fresh Balsam jar candle, that covered my purchase to get the Signature Collection, the Carried Away lotion was free with no purchase necessary. Total spent $2.37, total saved $15.13 GOOD DEAL!!!
When we got home I checked my receipt and saw that I had a coupon for $10.00 off a $30.00 purchase if I called a toll free number to participate in a customer service survey. Check your receipts ladies you never know what you might find!! Now what to do, should I head back over and spend $30.00 to save $10.00 or stay home and save my $20.00? Yep, we hit the road, picked up 10 more candles at 75% off, 4 hand soap dispensers at 75% off, 1 Signature Collection bath Jel free and, 1 Carried Away lotion free. Total spent $23.09, total saved $101.91. Our girls are always needing inexpensive Christmas gifts for ladies they work with, the candles paired with a little something else will be great, the hand soap is perfect for teachers again we will put a little something else with it and have a few great budget friendly gift for next year.
OK, so this wasn't really on my no spending plan for January but I can explain!! Back in December I bought a Sulky thread organizer that came with lots of thread (can't remember how much) cost was $97.41. I was a happy girl, the thread alone would have cost more than that. The next day I opened my little prize to find the latch was broken, durn! I called the store and let them know, the lady didn't seem surprised, most of the shipment were broken. I hung on to it thinking who cares about a broken latch anyway. Friday night when I was setting up for a sewing marathon the hinges broke on the stupid thing. Saturday morning that sucker went back, now had $97.41 in my pocket so spending $25.00 and saving $116.00 seems reasonable to me. Have the rest of the refund money stashed to use on a 50% off Sulky thread sale next week, I need to restock my thread stash for some winter sewing. The way I figure it is that the $97.00 came out of Decembers budget, using it to pick up some super bargains this month isn't really spending right? I knew you would agree!! Want some free coupons to bath and Body works, head over to Hip2save blog, you will have to look at some older posts to find them both but is you buy some of the %75 off stuff you can get out for less than $3.00 and they will then give you an additional coupon for more Carried Away products.

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