Saturday, January 15, 2011

It's Alway's Something

Here is the good stuff, made two new cards using the January SOTM today. It was hard to get a good photo of them since it is already after dark and the cards are also dark. Cleaned in the scrap room today, what a mess, I need to keep up better!! Now for the bad part.
Went on errands this morning, all was going great until after one of my stops when I started the car. Lights started flashing and beeping, not a good sign. The dash thing said engine low power or something like that. Well I figure that is an important bit of information so I headed home as fast as I could, luckily I was only 2 miles from home. Friday traffic in our area is nuts, 2 miles can take 20 minutes. UGH At first I though I could smell a little gas but then again maybe not. Finally got through the worst traffic light and I am on home the stretch. The car began to go slower and slower, I had the gas peddle to the floor and couldn't get it to over 35 miles an hour. Thank goodness I didn't get my A.. run over! Not good, I did make it home and parked the old girl. Now what to do, I called Rambo man he can fix just about anything but from 300 miles away it was going to be a challenge. He did give me directions to disconnect battery cables, do something with the fuel line, reset something else........all Greek to me. Thankfully (sorta) the project has some sort of problem so he will be coming home tomorrow for a few days. Sure hope the fix is easy and cheap but not to hopeful, my car has 180,000 miles on it, 8 years old but looks like new and normally runs like a charm. Fingers, eyes, and toes are crossed I DO NOT want a new car I love my car!!!!!!

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