Monday, January 31, 2011

Month spending review

Changing table cost $359.00, I paid $72.00!!!

So how did I do on my no spending for the month of January? Well not so good but better than not trying at all. Here is a list of all the spending, not including bills of course.

Changing table $72.00 original price $359.00 money saved!!

Fabric $12.00 had to pay full price :(

Thread $4.69 got at 1/2 price, saved $4.69

Bath and Body Works $2.37 saved $$15.13 (Gifts)

Bath and Body Works $23.09 saved $101.91 (Gifts)

Water bottles $28.21 saved $97.70 (Gifts)

Groceries/CVS $192.20 saved $293.04

Gas $94.00

Total spent for the month $428.00 total saved from sales/coupons $883.47

I do our banking on Monday's, each week I take out $200.00 for household expences, food, gas, gifts, eatting out whatever. We had 5 Monday's in the month so that's $1,000.00 I only spent $428.00 the excess is now in the savings account $570.00.

OK, that's not as good as I had wanted to do but it's $570.00 more in savings than we had at the begining of the month, I am not gonna beat myself up over it!! If I could pull this off for February I would be super happy but with Valentines Day, middle Daughters Birthday, Bridal shower for a Niece and a list of a few other things I need to pick up I don't expect to save as much. But I am going to try really hard to save something out of the weekly budget. We also put back our Bush Tax Cut Extention each payday, now that is gonna add up super fast!!! So glad we get to hang on to it for at least 2 more years. How did you do in January, were you able to stay off the streets and put a little something back? How did your pantry hold up if you decided to stay out of the grocery store? How about gas for the car, were you able to cut back a bit?

My budget busters were on gifts, but in the long run it will save me when we need to put a little something together. Our pantry is still overflowing, I only made one trip to the grocery/CVS for the month but we would have done fine if I would have stayed home, all I really needed was milk and eggs. Gas is going up in price and now that I am picking up and dropping off the babies each day our gas spending is going to increase big time. Off to bed, I am freezing my buns off.

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