Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sewing on Sunday

Sunday turned out to be a day of sewing, I soooo want to get packages in the mail Monday since I only have one baby. I should be able to figure out how to get in the post office with 3 boxes and a little one without breaking a hip, I hope!! I have finished 3 sets of chair bags along with table runners, and super cute ties for little boys, only two more table runners to go WooHoo!! Whoever thought up Crock Pots should receive a Noble Peace Prize,without it our family wouldn't have had Sunday dinner this week.

It has been a huge adjustment for me having the babies around 5 days a week, by the time they go home in the evening I have very little energy left, some nights there is ZERO left in the old body. Saturday was spent doing errands which took 3 times longer than usual with all the traffic. When I get a little more adjusted to the new schedule I plan on going back to Monday as errand day. I have found that folks are a lot more aggressive and unfriendly over the weekends, the later the day gets the nastier people seem be. I also am gonna need to stop doing so many extras for our girls, as much as I hate to say no to them I need a bit more balance until we all settle into a routine. I would love a snow day!! Didn't get bread made Friday, but with Rambo man out of town I can do without it this week, have some in the freezer if I get desperate.

I did pick up a piece of baby equipment while I was out and about that should make life more pleasant around here (long drive in traffic) at a super price. Lots of moving stuff around in the babies room Saturday night to get it to fit but it will be sooo helpful. Of course spending money in January is a big no no but I will share my justification (sorry a... excuse) later in the week. Off to ride the sewing machine one more hour then to bed with a cup of tea so I will be ready to face a new week at Nanny's place.

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