Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fell off the wagon today

Fell off the no spending wagon that is. But technically I am still within the bounds of no spending for the month of January because I only spent at the grocery store and CVS. Groceries and gas were exempt from the no spending challenge, however I really thought I would just get by with purchasing milk and eggs this month.

That all changed this morning when after cleaning up my coupon binder I realized how many coupons were due to expire at the end of the month, after checking the sale paper for the grocery and CVS I couldn't afford not to go!! I don't feel one bit guilty for the spending or should I say savings!!! Total spent for the day was $192.20 total saved with sales and coupons... drum roll please......$293.04 my heart is still racing with the excitement!!!!

CVS was soooo fun, I had a lady behind me that only had a few things so I offered for her to go ahead of me. I had 2 buggies full, she was appreciative of the small kindness :), Then we got talking about the whole coupon deal combined with the sales, she decided to hang around to see how much I saved, no problem it's fun to share the excitement. A bit later 2 more ladies came up behind me I apologized for taking so long but at that point the clerk was scanning the coupons so they were interested to see how it would go. Now we had a gang of ladies hanging around with baited breath. The bill went from $308.32 down to $113.38!!!!!!!!! Saved a grand total of $194.94. Have 3 new ladies in our area that were headed home to dig the Sunday paper out of the trash. The clerk at CVS told them she sees so many more people using their coupons now days and how much fun it is for her to ring them up and share the joy of the savings they are getting. Can't wait to open that box of Bengay and head to the couch with the bag of Dove's dark chocolate for the night! Ha
Grocery store was really good also, brought the bill of $150.58 down to $78.82. I haven't spent so much in one day of couponing in a long time but the sales were good and the coupons were about to expire whats a girl to do? Stay off the streets for a good long time and clip more coupons would be a good idea, don't you think?


  1. Totally understand. When you know you get get a great deal on things your low on, its best thing to go for it!

  2. Agree!! We eat homemade for the most part so I will never be one to get my bill down to almost 0 but I am happy with any savings I can get!!

  3. You should apply for the coupon show on TLC that will be starting soon!! ;)

  4. I have heard a bit about that show should be intresting, knowing TV they will make couponers look like freaks

  5. I didn't see the show but I saw a number of youtube videos and read some reviews about it.
    YEP, for the most part its giving couponing a bad name. The producers told the couponer's to go for the biggest effect to make the show extreme and I think that ruined it.