Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Nanny time

Our oldest Daughter had a meeting to attend today, rather than have her load up the kids in the cold rain I headed over to their house for a few hours. The kids were doll babies as always but a bit boring! Ha, that is a good thing for the most part but I have a hard time setting still. Decided to clean out her pantry and refrigerator, kept me busy and helped her out. Somebody needs to go to the grocery store!!!

She will return to work this Thursday and is beginning to get a little overwhelmed about leaving the baby, keeping up the large new house, having time to play with Ty boy, and all the other stuff that is heaped on Mommy. We made a deal, I like to coupon and grocery shop, she hates to do both so....we are gonna give a trial run of me doing the grocery shopping for her family for a month, our goal is to take a little more work off her shoulders, help the family save money on groceries, and help keep Mommy home after work. Did my first grocery run for her today, only saved 45% on her bill but that's a heck of a lot better than they have been saving. Together we will try and come up with some meal plans that will keep them away from carry out, and be fast and easy to prepare for Mommy. Thursday will be my first full day with all 3 grandbabies, makes my heart race a bit!! If my back will hold up we should be fine. Tomorrow I need to do a quick clean up around the house and double check the nursery (formerly dinning room) to make sure I am stocked up on everything we will need.

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