Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Icy Hot Tub

It would be nice to sit in the hot tub and soak my bad back if I felt like shoveling snow then knocking off the ice from the cover. It ain't happening! I did get the front porch and steps cleaned off and put down some ice melt, that better do the job cause I don't plan on doing any more unless I really and truly have to. Our schools are closed again tomorrow, the kids are lovin it for now but come spring break time, gonna have some unhappy campers. Who knows when this will ever clear up, forecast is for below freezing temperatures all week. One local station thinks it is possible that we could get another round of snow/ice over the weekend. NOOOO!!
I worked on my coupon binder today, lots of expired coupons, cutting new coupons and printing even more. Think I have it all back in order so I can hit the deals come February 1st. Printed more pictures of the grand babies and cleaned up photo files, man we have a lot of pictures. Other than that just didn't feel like doing anything else. When the roads clear enough I am headed to the Dr. to get an anti inflammatory. I have been doing every home remedy I know but gonna need a pro to help me out. So thankful that we have power, while I think we have a good back up emergency system in place I am glad that I don't have to use any of it when I feel so bad. Hopeful that a good nights sleep and a few more back exercises will get me on my feet, the old lady back problems are no fun.

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