Monday, January 3, 2011

Great Day of Blessings

Over the past year this blog has taken more of a focus on economics in our home, becoming a little more self sufficient, and preparing for emergencies that can hit any of us at any time. The continuing deteriorating economy has hit our family personally in the past year, tonight I feel that I can finally share a bit of the struggles that have hit our children. Our youngest Daughter and her husband were hit a double blow when she had a high risk pregnancy that took her out of work for 16 weeks, only 6 weeks of that time was with pay, at the same time her husband's hours were cut from 50 hours a week down to 25 hours a week. The kids faced this blow with a fierce determination that they might be down but they were not out. Thankfully they are both back at work full time and have worked hard to get back on their financial footing, such a blessing!!!

Our oldest Daughter was also pregnant this year, they bought a larger new home in June, in July her husband was laid off. The kids faced the economical blow with dignity and grace, they didn't know when our Son in Law would find a new job but they knew no matter what they would not throw up their hands and give up. Luckily she was able to work up until her scheduled due date and has been receiving her maternity pay throughout her leave, today her husband started his new job!!! Once again we have been sooo blessed!! As parents it breaks our hearts to see bad things happen to our good children, the blessing is that we have been able to help when needed, and had the privilege to watch our children face challenges and turn them into victories.

That being said I am continuing my self imposed vacation, had a few errands to run this morning before I could move on to a little fun. Had lots of problem getting my fancy dancy photo printer to work so I could get started on some layouts, ended up doing a work around without blowing my top (to much). One of the many projects piled up in the scrap room was to start a Halloween scrapbook for our youngest Daughters family. It is done......YES!!! Can't wait to give it to her later in the week, each year I will add a few new layouts for them to enjoy for years to come. Now on to our oldest Daughters family Halloween album, looks like I will need to get a few more photo's from her to get their book finished but I have a pretty good start going tonight, hope to finish it tomorrow then move on to our own Halloween album. So exciting to get back to some play time. No cooking, still have leftovers, no cleaning, no laundry, no decorating or undecorating, no baking, no shopping, no bedtime and no alarm clock, gotta love vacation in January!!!!

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