Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Budget my A.....

First off the good part, I finally finished our St Patricks Day runners and light mobile's, 3 sets done and off to their good homes. Tyler was excited we had new decorations to put up since Valentines Day is over. After a long nap when the grands went home I worked a little on our gift for our Niece's wedding shower coming up this weekend, a couple of more nights work and it will be ready to wrap.

I almost didn't turn the news on tonight after my late day nap but I did and now I am ready to once again blow a gasket over the ridicules shenanigans in Washington. Maybe in the past they could get by with playing around and making slick speeches but those days are over, our country is in a financial mess that is not getting better no matter how they are trying to sugar coat things. If our economy is in such great shape why are homes still being foreclosed, why are people still getting laid off, over 1/2 of the population in our country are on some sort of public assistance be it unemployment, food stamps, medicare, medicaid, welfare, social security, WIC and let us not forget the FREE cell phones we now give out for anyone who is receiving any public assistance with 250 FREE minutes (cell phones must be a new must have that I didn't get the memo on) I am sick to death of the double talk from the powers that be when our taxes continue to go up just to cover the interest on stupid debt. You would have thought that the past election would have been a wake up call that the majority of the country has had enough and want changes made and the fat cats in Washington need to get busy doing OUR work, looks like we voted for a new group of slow learners. Hey and in case you missed this part of the news the first lady now wants to give new Mothers FREE breast pumps, I have heard it all!! Woo whoo Uncle Sam is messing with our Boobs, this should get really interesting.

If I wasn't so dog tired I would get busy on inventorying the garage freezers or maybe clip a few more coupons but that will have to wait until tomorrow when Karsyn has her morning nap. For tonight I will surf the net looking for more money saving ways to keep a little more of what Rambo man works so hard to earn.

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  1. I've been feeling the same way lately. I'm very concerned how much food is going to cost. So much of what we buy these days come from different countries. I'm beginning to get a prepper state of mind.