Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekly Spending

Laundry detergent is stored in the bottom of my closet, stacked 2 deep should be enough for close to a year
Toiletries are stored under one of the sinks in our bathroom, enough for the year.

Before I get to my BAD spending this week I thought I would share a bit of our storage solutions. We don't have a nice basement to organize everything in one place, nor do we have an extra room I can devote to storage so I have had to come up with storage ideas that work for us. Having toiletries in the bathroom is easy, it has worked out great in that we can get a one years supply all in one place, a quick glance lets me see if we are getting low on anything. I still clip coupons for toiletries, if I can get a good deal we can pass the item on to the food pantry. Laundry detergent is in the bottom of my closet, when I run out in the laundry room I can grab a bottle when I am taking the laundry downstairs for the week. Lined up and stacked 2 deep is what it takes for us to have a years supply on hand, as with toiletries, I still watch the sales and coupons and replace what we use as well as donate to the food pantry.

I blew the budget big time this week, no and's if's or but's about it. The sucky thing about keeping up with your spending is you get to really see how bad you are doing, the good part is you see where your mistakes are. Over spending this week was on Christmas gifts, however come December I will be glad I have some nice things ready to wrap up for the girls soooooo I can live with that. The sewing machine was a huge expense that I knew I would be doing someday, just didn't know Thursday was the someday. I had the money stashed away from my coupon/rebates/found money savings so I didn't dip into our family account, again I can live with the spending, however I am wracking my brain to come up with idea's to squirrel the money away again as fast as I can.

grocery shopping this week was all about storage, rice was on sale for $3.29 for a 3 pound bag, I had $.50 coupons which are doubled so 3 pounds ended up costing $2.29. Put back 30 pounds of rice. Mueller's pasta was on sale for $.59 each, I had $.55 coupons with the purchase of 2, worked out to $.04 for each 1 pound box. Blew the budget a bit on Pepito Bismol, it was NOT on sale but I had some $.50 coupons that would expire today, after the past 36 hours I don't ever want to run low on that!! Ha. Total at the grocery was $46.15 saved $ 68.08.

Bath and Body - $17.50 (Christmas)

Life Is Good Store - $79.00 (Christmas)

Barnes and Noble - $31.80 (some Christmas)

Office Depot - $12.49

Fabric Store - $49.20 (some gifts)

Groceries - $46.15

Gas - $59.02 (gas went from $3.15 gallon last Sunday to $3.36 this week)

Over budget by $94.36, UGHHHHH

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