Sunday, February 6, 2011

Weekend shopping

Clinque make up special, $100.00 for the year
Back of the cutiest little ball cap

How cute is this baby ball cap? Regular price $22.95, my cost $10.95
OK, let me explain what might seem extravagant on the make up deal. I only wear foundation, blush and mascara, never have been much of a make up gal. If I put on all the extras most woman wear I look like a clown so I stick to the basics. I know Clinque is expensive but for me it's worth it, normally I buy 2 bottles of foundation twice a year when they run the freebe special, but this special was so good I decided I would buy for the whole year. I usually buy cheap blush and mascara from the discount store, Clinque is just too high dollar for my pocketbook! The free gift this time came with eyeliner (my girls will get), foaming cleanser (my girls will get, not sure what to do with it), eye serum (girls will get, my eyes are already shot), full tube of lipstick (girls will get), mascara (for me), blush (for me) and 4 cute bags that we will find some use for!!! So in reality I got all the make up I will use for the whole year for only $100.00, now that is a deal! I had to pay for each bottle of foundation separately to get all the freebe's but that was no problem, I just kept handing the clerk money until I was done. I am pretty excited that finally there was something in the freebe bag I could use and not hand it all off to our girls, to top it off I don't have to shop for make up until next year.
I found the ball cap while I was out and about Saturday, I needed a baby gift for a 6 month old and this was just toooo cute to pass up, they only had 2 in the store and don't you know the B for Blakeley was just what I needed. I have had my eye on these caps at another store for our baby girls since last fall but they are never on sale. I just can't justify spending that much on ball caps that they might hate to wear no matter how cute they are.
Also got my grocery shopping done Spent $77.84 saved $90.97 and received $10.00 in cash rewards to spend next week, filled up the gas tank $68.00 UGHHHH so I am over budget this week by $56.79 Durn it! But in reality I won't be spending $50.00 in 6 months plus gas money to get to the store so I could look at it as only being $6.79 over budget, right? I knew you would agree. The spending is done for the week thank goodness but next week will be no better with Valentines Day coming up, gonna have to get creative to stay on budget.

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