Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cookin and Guy Stuff

Rambo Man and Tyler were busy working on "Guy Stuff" today while I spent the day in the kitchen cookin up lots of meals to send back with my super sweet husband.
The Guys made an Air Hockey table top game from a kit they picked up at Lowes this morning. Kept them busy all day then of course they had a championship tournament late in the afternoon. Ty did take a break to mix up M&M cookies with me then he was right back with his Papaw.
Here is my list of the to go meals I was able to whip up today and all before 3:00. Dehydrated food is one of my secret wheapon's, no chopping, slicing and dicing, it is all done when I put up the jars of spices and veggies, and of course having everything I need in the pantry saves me even more time.
Pepperoni Pizza
Vegetable beef soup
Taco soup
Baked porkchops
M&M cookies
I am more than ready for my cozy bed and a cup of tea, but it feels good to send the greatest Papaw in the world off with lots of home cooked meals. We have plenty of leftovers to freeze some single meals for me and still send our girls home with some, but that will happen tomorrow I am DONE for today!

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