Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

Karsyn at 3 month's
I thought I had saved the photo's of all 3 grandbabies in their Valentines Day outfits but who knows where I saved them to, it ain't happening tonight.
Spent the weekend sewing, cleaning and cooking but I feel like I have very little to show from all the work :( It has been one of those weekends where if it could go wrong it did go wrong, can't wait to hit the bed and start a new day on Monday!!!
Weekly spending was pretty good, I still need to fill up the car and maybe pick up a few things at the grocery store on sale with coupons but if the deals are not great I will be passing this week. I picked up milk today using CVS rewards for free, thats all I really need to get through the week. Ran out of thread AGAIN while working on a project, hit pay dirt at the fabric store the thread was on sale 1/2 price. If Karsyn is a good girl tomorrow I would like to head back with a list and stock up. Also picked up a sorta cool looking Christmas assortment of decorations all in golds and greens, regular price $29.95 my cost $.99, now I need the time to play around and see what I can come up with from the super bargain.
CRAP, spell check is not working, sorry for any and all mistakes!! I give up!!!

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