Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sneaky Tax

Gotta love our politicians who say they will not raise taxes in this horrible economy but turn around and do an off cycle property appraisal on the whole county. So you would think, not so bad, property values have gone way down in the past 2 years right? Wrong!! Our local appraisers can not take foreclosures or short sales into their accounting. Bottom line our home appraised at 12% more, spoke to a friend who's value went up by more than 20% who has had numerous homes go to foreclosure on her street in the past 2 years. Yepee skippy we are gonna pay more in property taxes but the sneaky politicians can say "We did not raise taxes" and some people are dumb enough to believe it. GRRR. Gonna need to sharpen my scissors and clip more coupons

Had all 3 grandbabies today.... I did survive but took a 2 hour nap after they left and don't think I will have any problem sleeping tonight!! Just have the 2 baby girls tomorrow, hope to get them down for a nap at the same time so I can do a few thinks around the house that I have been putting off.

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