Monday, February 21, 2011

Coupons Myth 2

You have to run around to dozens of different stores to save any real money using coupons. NOPE not true. I use one grocery store and one drug store that are both less than 1/8 of a mile from our home, saving 60% to 80% and saving gas!!!

We have 6 or 8 major grocery store chains in our area, I would drive myself nuts if I hit each of them weekly to get in on sales. We have numerous drug stores as well, I stick to the one closest to home, can't imagine trying to keep up with all the in store coupons and cash back rewards if I were to shop at all of them.

Find a grocery/drug store that you enjoy shopping in, one that has reasonable prices, clean, and with double coupons if that is available, then stick with that store. You will become familiar with their sales cycles, store layout, regular every day prices and Real sale price's. Same goes with a drug store, all the stores end up having sales on the same items and normally for the same price just at different times.

I couldn't resist bringing in a few Daffodils that are in bloom now to enjoy while hanging out in the kitchen. I know the winter weather is not over yet but we have had such a nice break from the snow, ice, and super cold temperatures in December and January, makes Freeze Yer Bunns off challenge a real pleasure!!

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