Sunday, February 20, 2011

Coupon Myth One

Thought I would do some coupon myth posts this week to encourage some nay sayers to jump on board and save some hard to come by cash. Myth number one is, you can only buy junk food with coupons. So not true! The photo above is from my weekly shopping trip tonight, what you see are real foods and basic cleaning products(I don't use all the fancy overpriced cleaning supplies) every single item was on sale and I had a coupon for each item. Total cost was $54.03, total saved from sales/coupons $61.54. We needed nothing this week but I still check out the sale paper and compare it to the coupons I have on hand, if the deals are worth a trip to the store I go, if not I stay home. Everything pictured will go in my pantry or should I say personal general store, some will be added to our monthly donation box. This is how we get by with rarely if ever paying full price for food, cleaning supplies or toiletries. What family couldn't use and extra $61.oo a week while still putting real food on your table. Clip some coupons girls!!

I did super good this week on our spending!! One of the area's that is kicking our butt is gas, I am trying to think about where I am going each time I get behind the wheel of the car, our gas prices have jumped from $3.09 last week to $3.15 this week. With all the unrest in the middle east and our own countries ongoing issues prices will surely continue to go up. This week when I picked up or dropped off the grand babies I have been knocking out whatever errands I needed to do on the way home. In the past I would usually go home for a little rest and pit stop if you get my drift then head back out, no more!! A little rest would be nice and a pit stop is necessary but public restrooms work just fine if it saves us a few bucks at the gas pump.

Spending this week

Grocery store - spent $54.03, saved $61.54
Gas - $35.06!!! MUCH BETTER
Breakfast out with daughter $11.08
Breakfast with Rambo man $21.60
Total spent $121.77 Total saved $91.00 (figured I saved at least $30.00 in gas)
We were able to be under budget by $78.00 that money is now setting in our savings account and NOT a cash register someplace.


  1. Very good job.
    I was pleased with myself when I was able to get 24 jars of ragu for 48 cents each this week.

    I also still have to get canned evaporated milk...for 19 cents a can tonight. A VERY good deal.

  2. We had a sale on Ragu here also, had a pile of coupons for it but we don't really care for the taste so I put all my coupons on the store shelf next to the jars for some lucky lady.

    Have some good coupons for evaporated milk as well but it's not on sale yet, gonna hold off for a sweet deal like you are getting in on.
    I can't for the life of me understand why folks don't at least try to save money where they can.