Friday, February 4, 2011

Past Weekend Deals

Cost around $12.00 got free 2 bottles of Shower jel/wash and 1 candle $16.50 in free stuff
Cost $23.00 got free 3 bottles of hand soap, 1 candle, 1 shower jel/wash $27.50 in free stuff

Can you believe it 2 posts in one day!! Remarkable! Karsyn was asleep when I picked her up this morning so I have had time to change bedclothes, run a load of wash, get the banking caught up and am now working on photo files when I ran in to these pictures from last weekend I forgot to blog/post.
Bath and Body works was running a special over the weekend and I had a few freebe coupons to boot. I didn't need/want a thing, our oldest Daughter however wanted/needed some things but didn't have time to get to the store. Mom to the rescue, here is what I scored for her, total spent $33.00 total saved $44.00. Heather is a middle school teacher and is BIG time into the hand washing thing, she seems to think her students are more inclined to wash their hands since she has cool/hip hand soap in the classroom, whatever works!! I use the super cheap stuff and keep refilling the bottles, nobody around here is cool or hip but we are diligent about hand washing, the whole little germy kids with dirty diapers will do that to you. Bath and Body works has a few freebe coupons out right now I think all of them are with a purchase. I have my eye on the 50% off rack, waiting till they mark it down to 75% off then I will be ready to deal. They still have a ton of the large jar candles leftover from Christmas they are trying to move out the door I will gladly help them when the price is right.

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