Monday, February 14, 2011

Weekly Spending

Soap Regular price $2.65, my cost $.90@ That's $.30 a bar!!
Green and Gold Ornaments Regular price $29.95, my cost $.99 @

What a difference a day makes!! After a good nights sleep I was ready to kick butt and take names. Karsyn and I were able to accomplish so much today and finished up the day with a smile on both of our faces, gotta love days when it all seems to fall into place. Cleanup the pantry... check, clean out the refrigerator...check, clean up small inside freezer...check, finish St Patricks day sewing...check and we even ventured to the grocery store!!! No I didn't need a thing at the grocery but after checking the weekly ad and comparing our coupons it was worth the trip, spent $21.10, saved $49.24, yaaaa whoooo.

Spending this week turned out to be under budget!! Not by much but a little is better than nothing. And best of all we will be adding 24 bars of soap to our charity box.

Gift Card - $50.00
Groceries - $21.10 Saved $49.24
Thread - $15.89 Saved $14.69
Ornaments - $.99@ Saved $60.00
Gas fill up - $ 50.75

Total spent $157.77 Total saved $121.93 Under budget by $42.23. (Savings account keeps building)


  1. Love the ornaments. Utterly fantastic price too!

  2. I was so excited over the ornaments, think I can put together a few cute St Patrick's Day decorations for next to nothing!!