Sunday, February 27, 2011

Have the crud

New book and tee from shopping trip last week

I am sooooo sick with the crud!! I thought I had dodged the bullet on this one, 2 of our daughters and one grand daughter had it last week, so happy that I hadn't come down with it until..... last night!! Coming home from daughter #2 Birthday dinner last night at one of our favorite restaurants I started getting cold chills, then a bit woozy feeling, supper seemed to be stuck in my throat. Had to make 2 stops along the road before I could make it home. I spent the night under 2 quilts along with our regular bed clothing, lots of trips to the bathroom all night and most of the day. Poor Rambo Man drove all the way home to join us for dinner last night and had to hit the road after lunch, I SOOOO hope he doesn't come down with this mess. It was 78 degrees today, perfect day to get outside but I am chained to the bed and adjoining bathroom, please let this be a 24 hour deal!!!!

I have the sweetest husband in the world, he stopped by the store after meeting some friends for breakfast and bought me some Sunday papers so I wouldn't loose out on coupons this week, I didn't even ask him to make the stop. He has brought me aspirins, morning prescription drugs, water, tums, Pepito bismo and anything else to make things a little better. He has the greatest disposition of anyone I know, and such a positive outlook on whatever comes our way, as he was leaving today he told me maybe this was the Lords way of helping get rid of the awful toilet paper I picked up on sale with coupons awhile back.

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