Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sewing Fool

Karsyn was a super good girl today
Lots of sewing projects getting knocked out!!

Karsyn took a 3 hour nap this morning so I got busy on the cheapo sewing machine. Lots of sewing chores are in the works, of course I still have piles more waiting for some attention but some done are better than none done. I even ventured out to the post office and sewing center with her, no crying, pooping or spiting up, we did good!! I have all 3 babies tomorrow, Thursday is super crazy with all of them here. I feel lucky to just meet their needs nothing else gets done but that's OK the most important thing is to have them in our home to play.
The news and footage from Egypt is mind boggling, we are so lucky to live in the USA!!! We have had many friends who have lived and worked in Egypt over the years, they all have had such a great experience with the Egyptian people. I am afraid we will all see prices on gas, food and lots of other products rise in the near future due to the unrest in the Middle East, time to watch the sales, clip your coupons and stock up ladies!!

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