Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Great Start for Feburary

Yaaaa for Kara, she can set up and clap her hands
My morning started at 6:00 AM with less than a bang. Decided to start the day with a cold glass of milk and a donut (I know bad girl) One nice large swig of the milk I had just opened found me spitting in the sink. Crap the milk had gone bad, might have had to do with it was 5 days past the expiration date, should have checked that before I had my heart set for a glass of cold milk. Since the kids were headed over for the day I knew I need to add a stop to pick up milk before I meet Mommy for the kids. Grabbed my CVS extra bucks and picked up a 1/2 gallon of milk for free, Yaaaa Me. I know we have some big gift spending this month so I am gonna need to squeeze in savings where I can if I want to add anything extra to our savings this month.
Received a facebook message from one of Rambo man's cousins this morning, Rambo mans family is from the Lockport/Joliet area of Illinois. They are expecting 39 inches of snow! WOW, my suggestion to her was put on a pot of tea and get busy making soup girl. Rambo's family are like my own, they came from a farming background, while none of them farm anymore they have carried many of the can do attitudes and skills they learned from their parents and grand parents. We can watch in fascination the effects of this storm on the weather channel knowing all of our distant relatives are well prepared for whatever mother nature throws at them. Storms like the one that is hitting so much of our country this week is another example of why we should all be prepared in our pantry and homes so we don't have to fight the crowds to pick up the necessities. What in the heck are families who are broke going to do, they don't have the extra funds to stock up at the last moment. If you put a little back each week in your pantry by making purchases on sale/coupons, keep your eye out for sales on batteries, blankets, candles and whatever you would need to keep your family safe at home and out of the shelters will be such a blessing when the unexpected happens!!!! If your a reader (who's not) a great book to check out is "Just in Case" by Kathy Harrison. It's a great book to help you get your family and home in shape for whatever life challenges come your way.

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