Thursday, February 24, 2011

Forgive Me I have Sinned

Crazy picture uploaded side ways, ugh... so here is what I started the afternoon with, coupons, rewards cards and gift cards.
First stop "Life Is Good Store" decided I needed a new tee shirt and had a $5.00 off shopper card, while there I found the 40% off rack. Picked up Christmas gift's for daughter #1 and daughter #2, spent $79.00 saved $51.00, not to bad, on to the next store.

Had coupon for $10.00 off with $30.00 purchase. They had sale, buy 2 aroma therapy products get one free. Picked up Christmas gift for daughter #1, also had coupon for free had sanitizer. Spent $24.36, saved $17.50, not great but still OK

Gift card for $50.00, picked up material for lots of different sewing projects some 25% off, others 50% off. Total cost $109.20, total saved $44.84. Used gift card so out of pocket was $49.20. I can live with that.
Two more stops but the pictures won't upload.
Had rewards card for $27.50 at Office depot from recycling ink cartridges, total spent $12.49, good deal!!
Gift card to Barnes and Noble along with a membership card got me
$70.55 worth of books for only $31.88, saved $38.67.
Not bad at all but then the trouble hit!!!
The sewing center had their model machines on sale.....could be trouble......the one I really wanted was $4,700.00, yes you read that right almost 5 grand, ain't happening. While it would be great to do some super cool embroidery and monogramming I could never justify that kind of spending. A bit more looking around at regular basic machines and found a few that could be a possibility. At this point I am sweating, a nervous wreak, and need a drink (don't drink but sure would have been nice). I left the store with a list of prices and a burning desire to jump on the deal, after a quick burger, fries and sweet tea that I couldn't enjoy because I was so undecided I made a call to the bank. I sorta knew what I had put back from coupon savings and refunds but wasn't sure... woohoo had enough to drop the cash and still have some leftover. Made a call to Rambo man to see if he would like a new fancy dancy sewing machine for his upcoming birthday. Na... he didn't bite but encouraged me to go for it, how often do I spend real money, how hard had I worked to save what I had put back and the sucker better last a lifetime for what I was still gonna pay for it even with the $539.00 off.
I am now the proud owner of a Bernina 380 sewing machine that I have no idea how to turn on!!!! I have 7 free classes starting March 26th to learn what the gal will do, hopefully I don't break it before then!!! I LOVE COUPONS!!!!!
CAN NOT believe I just spent that much money :(

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