Monday, April 4, 2011

2 Down 2 to go

AJ likes the smell of Cow poop

It took two loads of compost, top soil, vermiculite, and peat moss to fill the 4x4x12 raised beds Rambo built for me last week and it wasn't cheap let me tell you!!! I picked up the first load Friday night after dropping Karsyn off so I would beat the crowds at the garden center Saturday morning. I hoped maybe it would be enough to fill both beds, not a chance, took the whole kit and caboodle to do just one. Saturday night I hit the garden center once again to miss the crowds then finished off the second bed Sunday morning. Adding the new beds this year is really driving up the cost of the garden this year, the good thing is I will have very little weeding to do in the new beds and each year all I need to add is a little more of our own compost. I also filled 8 planters on the deck, gonna give lettuce a try in the containers this year. I am thinking that by having the lettuce on the deck it might cut down on the slug and rabbit problem and also maybe I can stretch the season out a bit more by moving them to a shady area when the heat really starts up in the summer. Not sure if this is gonna work, if it does then that frees up a lot of space in the traditional garden. Also cleaned up the herb bed and added a few things that didn't survive the winter, one more thing done for the year.

Saturday morning after I finished the first raised bed I headed over to Davis feed company to pick up our seed potatoes, after wandering around a little I decided to purchase a new piece of cast iron. Rambo man bought me a huge set of cast iron a few years back but the set didn't include any with the feet to cook over a flame or charcoal, hope we will be able to try this pot out once I get it seasoned.

Ended the day Sunday with a huge surprise, Rambo Man got a couple of days off and headed home. We were all super excited to get to see him again! I had fixed spaghetti for Sunday dinner because I was so durn tired from all the yard work, had I known he was coming home I would have stepped it up a bit in the kitchen and fixed one of his favorites. We did have an over the top desert thankfully, chocolate pound cake with strawberries from the freezer, ice cream, hot fudge and a little whip cream on top just in case anyone was feeling deprived of calories from the spaghetti dinner!!

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