Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April No Groceries Challenge

Strawberry bread and White/wheat bread

My first trip to the grocery store after starting the challenge for the month of April was a flop. Our grocery store is still remodeling, they always have something pretty good on the clearance rack. This week it was canning salt for $.75 regular price is $3.36. With canning season coming up there was now way I could walk away from that deal!! The other slip up was Red Hot candies, I have been looking for them the past few years to use in apple butter but have never seen them until of course Saturday in the stores new candy section. I picked up 3 bags and stashed them away with the canning supplies for this fall. So much for starting the challenge off with a bang! Another thing I noticed that was on sale was Bell Peppers 2 for $5.00, are you kidding me!!! When I make stuffed peppers I need between 12 to 15, everyone wants at least one and the boys usually will eat 2 each. At that price it would have cost us $30.00 for just one pepper each and that's not counting what the stuffing costs. Thanks goodness peppers grow like weeds in our garden!! Karsyn and I stayed in today to work on some sewing I am way behind on, lots needs to be done outside but until I get the sewing project finished I have grounded myself. So far it is turning out pretty cute but I still need to come up with a design and pattern for one additional item, maybe tomorrow during nap time (that is if I don't nap myself)

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