Wednesday, April 13, 2011

One step closer to the garden

Original Garden, finally tilled!!! See the hill that is all red clay, thats what we have to work with here. Takes lots of compost, cow poop and chicken s... to finally get the nice brown dirt
New 12 inch raised onion bed

While I was out Birthday shopping with Daughter #3 and the babies today the fella showed up to till the gardens. He finished the original garden before his tiller broke down :( sure hope it doesn't take him another month to get back and work the new garden space!! We are going to use the new space for more tomato plants. I would like to have enough of our own tomatoes this year so I don't have to buy from our local farmer to can tomatoes, or at least not buy as many as I have had to in the past. Last summer I could pick up a bushel for $20.00, or only $10.00 for canning tomatoes if you don't mind messing with all the bad spots, no telling what he will need to charge this year. We are down to 19 quarts of tomatoes and 0 pints, that is enough to get us through until canning season this summer. I need to do more pints and a little less quarts this year, lots of recipes we like do not need a full quart. I think the yellow onion bed looks OK that we planted last weekend. We are crossing our fingers that we can get onions bigger than the marble size we had last year! We planted in one of the new 12 inch raised beds and didn't crowd them in like the book suggests. If they do what they should we might get around 20 pounds of onions to dehydrate. Grow baby grow. That would be one less thing I would have to buy. Our Mother Daughter shopping trip was exhausting...... I hate to shop, add to that 2 babies, a daughter who doesn't really know what she wants and prices that are ridicules and you have one frustrated Nanny. Have you been to Victoria's secret lately to get in on their $54.00 bra's? How about with 2 babies one of which did big poo and the other who is having a hissy fit? The $54.00 bra was not for me I might add. I learned long ago if you roll the girls up just right they will fit nicely in a sturdy reasonable priced bra that costs less than 1/2 what Victoria wants for her lacy over priced crap. Who the heck wants a polka dot bra anyway? Can some tomato's in the 100 degree heat of the south in you bra and undies you will be guaranteed a red polka dotted bra and matching panties for no cost at all. Not that I have ever tried this mind you, I always wear a super cute apron in the kitchen.

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