Tuesday, April 12, 2011

No Groceries

Kara 9 Month's

See why I can get very little done around this place when the baby girls are here. How can you not want to just sit and giggle right along with them!

I had a heck of a time staying focused today, I did get a dress cut out for myself that I have decided I am not gonna like, designed a little girls purse pattern that should be cute as a button when I have a few days to work on it and went shopping with a friend tonight that hates shopping for clothes as much as I do. We make a good pair!

Update on the no grocery shopping in April,. This week I didn't need milk or eggs, had enough leftover from last week so zero spending at the grocery store. Dug around in the refrigerator and found a quart of 1/2 and 1/2 that I need to use up, I am thinking cream of broccoli soup one day this week to share with the kids we still have a lot of frozen and dehydrated broccoli put up from last spring. Also pulled out some peaches, cherries and pickled okra from the canning shelves to use. The pickled okra will be gone pretty fast, it turned out sooo good this year. The peaches will be for desert and I think I will use the cherries for a cherry danish. We went out for a bowl of soup after our shopping expedition, they had a cherry danish that looked so good but I remembered the LOADS of cherries I canned, gotta use them up!

I need to take a full day to work on all the pantries, things have gotten out of order with my hectic schedule right now, maybe this weekend I can get some me time to organize a bit more. One of the things I have been able to keep up with a little better is the amount of wheat berries we use. We average 4 pounds a week for bread and whatever else I am baking, we are still mixing white flour with the wheat but I have cut the white flour down to less than 2 pounds a week. We haven't found a single thing that we are out of or running low on yet, that's a good thing! I feel good about what we have accomplished from the garden/farmer last year everything we put back seems to be working out great and we have been able to share with friends and family. I am getting a little nervous about the garden this year, we have added more beds, a new traditional area along with the original garden we have had for years. I am not sure how the heck I am gonna be able to keep it all up when I have the babies. Think I need to keep my eye out for some Geritol coupons!


  1. She is a doll!! Chubby little bunny! lol! It sounds like you're doing great! I'd love to have a bunch of canned/jarred homemade foods to dig into... I should try to learn more about that! It's definitely the way to go with this economy!

  2. Love canning and dehydrating food, we freeze some but most everything is canned or dehydrated, I can get a meal on the table in record time!! And cheap as dirt, litrally! HA