Thursday, April 21, 2011

Toy Story

Oh how I love a deal! While wondering around in Walmart looking for things to fill Rambo mans Easter basket I found this jewel of a backyard toy for the Grands . Regular price $89.95, marked down to $25.00 in addition to that I had a $5.00 off coupon. Not a bad deal $90.00 toy for $20.00, now if I were a truly frugal Nanny I would put it back for Tyler's Birthday, however I am not so he and Papaw put it together last night while I got the lawn mowed. Instead of using the teeter totter as was intended he was putting stuffed animals on it and catapulting them across the den, hummm little boys just think a different than our girls did at his age.
We are off on our road trip this morning for our Nieces destination Wedding. The truck is packed, snacks and drinks are within easy reach, and I am gonna try as hard as I can not to focus on the ridicules price of gas!! This will be the first holiday in 15 years that we will be away from home. However all of our children and Grands will be meeting us down there so we will still be together. I am such a stickler for traditions it's not easy for me to step out on the wild side and do the whole resort thing during a holiday. I did bake a batch of Easter M&M cookies to take along and we will be finding the time to dye Easter eggs and have a Easter egg hunt for the big and little kids. I have a ham and all the fixin's for when we return to have our traditional dinner, that will have to do for this year!

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  1. Great deal on the toy! It looks like fun! Have a great Easter! :)