Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekly Spending

Check it out!!! Finally Rambo man was able to finish up the clothes line and it is a beauty. The cloth's line should help lower the utility bill a little more and there is nothing like crawling in bed with line dried sheets. Speacking of electric bills, we cut our usage by 1,000 kilawatts last month Yahooo!! I think the freeze Yer Buns off chalange is over now that our tempetures are more like summertime instead of spring. The new challange will be to see how long we can go without turning the air conditioner on. I can take cold weather anyday but I get a bit B..... when it's hot, this will be much harder than the freeze Yer Buns off!! Working on the new raised beds this weekend has driven our spending up big time. I am thinking having a garden is and investment instead of spending right? Makes spending all this money feel a little better if I call it an investment so I am going with that. I decided to go with the no groceries in April except milk and eggs. Our pantries and freezers are overflowing, this will help me clean out and rotate a little better. I also need to use up more of our canned goods before the canning season begins again. I found a little rust in the bottom of my canner so a new canner is on the list of must buy before strawberry season starts up. I have decided to go with a stainless canner this time that I found in the Lehmans catolge, the cost is higher but it should hold up better than the old one. I don't want to take a chance and have the bottom fall out of the old one once I have it loaded up!! The weekly spending was OK, saved a little bit but nothing to crow about. Our planned spending was a lot more than I expected, getting the new beds up and running is not cheap! But then again it is and investment right! Weekly Spending Gas - $66.52 Up to $3.59 a gallon Groceries - $18.98 I will explain tomorrow, eggs and milk don't cost this much (yet) Cast Iron pot - $76.00 Buttons - $15.00 Under budget by $ 23.50 Planned spending Garden Center - $33.81 Garden Center - $175.71 Garden center - $62.53 Total spent $272.05

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