Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fool's Day

Ms. Karsyn Ryleigh at 4 months

Found this idea over at the Food Storage Made Easy blog, thought what a cute productive idea!! If you haven't checked out food storage made easy blog take a look, it is a great site for recipes and food storage. If you are building your pantry using sales and coupons then you need to learn more about food storage so you don't end up wasting your hard earned money and coupons to expired or poorly stored food.

So here is their idea for April Fools day, Don't be a FOOL and put off what you know you need to do! I think that is sooo cute. One of the things I have been putting off is cleaning out the bookcases, today that project will be done from start to finish. Another thing I have been putting off is making packages of hand made cards for elderly ladies. The older generation still like to send out little notes to friends and family but don't always have the funds or transportation to get out and about to make the purchase. I am determined to get at least 5 packages of cards done today/tonight. I have little plastic card holders that can hold 10 cards each along with cute ribbons to tie it all together. The cards might have to wait until Ms Karsyn goes home but I should at least be able to get the supplies together for some card production. Pick something you have been putting off and get r done today!

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