Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ya for seeds

Our radish and onion seeds have come up, no sign yet of the carrots but I am sure they will be soon!! Fella came and worked on tilling the garden again today, not sure what he is thinking, he went over the work he had already done and still didn't do the back garden. We plan on planting next week, sure hope he will finish the back garden by then so I can get everything in and be done, at least until the weeding starts up.

Strawberry season starts in 2 weeks, checked on what we have left from last season today, 6 packages of frozen berries (2 cups @) and 7 - 4 ounce jars of jam. We still have 11 jars of asparagus that I need to use up, asparagus will come in around the same time as the berries. AJ our beloved hound dog (beagle) dug up our asparagus bed last year so we will be headed to the farm to make a purchase.

The heat is on now, temp was 85 degree's today, the house is at 79 degrees tonight. Pulled out an extra fan from the attic to use tonight. I am trying to hold off on the air conditioner as long as I can, but if this heat keeps up we won't be able to hold off much longer.

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