Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekly Spending an a little ranting

Our sweet baby Girls

Kara thinks she is such a big girl now, she loves trying to give Karsyn her pacifier. I have to watch both of them every second, they love to touch each other and giggle. The problem is their touching is pretty rough!

Weekly spending was OK again this week, daughter #3 Birthday nor my new undies come out of the weekly spending budget, thank goodness or I would be way in the hole this week!

Gas - $71.78 up to $3.74 gallon now

Groceries - .00

Eating out - $14.00

Baby gift - $52.00

Post Office - $12.00

Total spent - $149.78

Total saved - $50.00 that went back in my wallet for upcoming family road trip

Update on zero spending for groceries; I needed to pick up milk this week, ours was almost gone and close to the expiration date. I remembered I had some grocery store bucks that will be expiring later in the week so I picked up $15.00 worth of snacks for the trip and our milk all for free. Rambo man needs his snacks for a road trip, they cost a fortune if you pick stuff up and the gas station along the way so I have a super duper supply put back for him. Also picked up M&M's on sale and with coupons for $.97 a bag, part of the grocery cash so they were free also!!

Now for the ranting.....

If you can afford a state of art cell phone, top of the line cable and Internet service, tanning beds, hair salon, pedicure, manicures, and more babies you are not poor!!!!! People who are receiving federal government WIC, food stamps, help with the electric bill and trips to the food pantry should be poor people. If your outrageous lavish life style has you in the poor house so be it. I can't tell you how angry I am about these low life take care of me folks. The fraud and abuse to our government agencies and local church's is sickening. If you know low life scum like above call them on it, there are so many people in our country who are doing without because they are to proud to take help that is legitimately there for them.

We are a loving and giving family, we strongly believe in helping people in need, sometimes the need is no more than a kick in the butt and calling them out on what should be consider theft. Don't expect us to hand over a bag of groceries while you chat on your phone. Don't tell me your sob story while you are looking down at you perfectly cared for cuticles and nails (mine have cow poop under them) Don't tell me you need the cable and Internet to keep up with the world, take your sorry a.. to work, you can hear the news for free as you drive to your JOB. Can't afford the electric bill, how about turning the temperature up or down depending on the season, turn off all the gadgets you have in the house you can't afford then we will talk. Need that deep dark savage tan, plant a garden you will get a great tan and hey some free food to boot. Don't expect me to subsidize your income so you can have your hair styled and touch up the color, I have totally grey hair that I wear in all it's glory because of leaches like you. If you can only do one thing then PLEASE stop having poor defenseless babies who can't help that they are being born into trash. OK, so that is it, I am gonna take my grey haired old self to bed with a bag of free M$M's wearing my 1/2 price bra that make my tata's look 10 years younger.

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