Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tears and prayers for Alabama

Carpenters tape measure is used for the closure
6X5 Snappy Bag

We are still waiting to hear from some family and friends in AL. The power is out in most area's so without a cell phone they are gonna have a heck of a time making contact, however from the news reports it seems like there was no major damage to any of the neighbourhoods where they live. The news footage from around the state is more than the mind can take in, so many lives lost and the numbers will surely climb as the days go on and the responders can get to some area's that are still cut off. Have heard from a few through facebook that the power may be out for weeks so they are leaving town until power and water are restored, 1/2 a million people are in the dark with little or no running water tonight. So sad....
Kara and I did a little sewing today, put together the Snappy bag above, super easy and uses very little material so I should be able to clean out my scrap pile of fabrics making a few more of these. The odd part was you use a metal tape measure for the closure. After Kara left tonight I ran up to Lowe's home improvement and picked up the cheapest one I could find then finished off the bag. What do you know it worked!! Super cool. The bags are soooo easy and fast to put together it's not funny, quilting the fabric is the only part that took any time.

Garden update:
Lettuce in the flower boxes don't seem to be to happy, may need to find a new home for them, only 6 potatoes have sprouted so far (not giving up hope), Carrots have finally popped up and are looking good, everything else seems to be doing OK, happy to have finally gotten a little rain.

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