Sunday, April 10, 2011

Me Time

Took a little time out for myself today to take a class. I wanted to learn how to put in a zipper using the fancy dancy machine. LOVE the little cash and carry purse we made, it's itty bitty and so cute!! Of course they had us using a super presser foot that I just had to have, don't even think I will post the price on this blog because it was way over the top expensive (Bernina walking foot) Why is it when it comes to kitchen, scrap booking or sewing tools I can justify the cost, but for food or anything else unless it is on sale with a coupon I will pass it up (I think I need therapy).

Rambo man and I did get a little work done in the garden today, he finished filling one of the raised beds and I got the yellow onions planted. I didn't have time to shower again before the class, hope I didn't smell like chicken poop. I don't think they would have cared since they suckered me into making a pretty good size purchase. The budget was blown to smithereens this week from my class and Rambo mans trip to the Harley store, but sometimes you just gotta let loose and spend. Of course it is cash only in our house so we have to pace ourselves on the spending spree's.


  1. Oh I love this!! Its beautiful! I have a FQ bundle of the Bliss that I splurged on, but haven't used it yet! Did you follow a pattern for this? I'd love a wallet like this!

  2. Yes I used a pattern, is by Atkinson Designs (Cash and Carry Pattern) It is a super easy pattern to follow and uses very little fabric, I plan on getting a pile of scraps worked up and outta the house!!!