Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tater's are planted

Carrots, Green onions, Radish and Hound Dog Taters, please grow this year I only had Karsyn today, after a 17 hour day yesterday with one or more babies I am just making ends meet today. I refused to take a nap while Karsyn was down, to afraid I would wake up feeling worse than I already did. Her morning nap I made a few cash and carry bags, for the afternoon nap I planted the seed potatoes, carrot, radish and green onion seeds, everything went in some of the new raised beds. The book says to plant 4 seed potatoes to each square foot but we didn't have any luck with planting things that close last year so I only planted around 40 seed potatoes, about 1/2 what the book said to do. Hope the potatoes work out this year, everything I have read says we can expect 1 to 3 pounds of potatoes per plant, time will tell. We still have hash browns and sliced potatoes I dehydrated last year from the farmer down the road, I need to get busy using them. I always forget to pull out the jars/vacuum bags when I am making potatoes. Radishes we will eat fresh, not gonna waste the time to can relish this year. Green onions we will eat fresh and dehydrate the rest, I am down to one jar left from last spring timed that about right. Carrots will be using fresh and lots dehydrated, we used a lot of dehydrated carrots for soups and stews this fall and winter. This will be the first year to give carrots a try in the garden, figure what have we got to lose but a $2.00 pack of seeds. There is a great possibility I will have Saturday and Sunday off this week, fingers crossed!!! If things work out I a headed to my "little room of sin" (scraproom) for at least a few hours. I need to get busy on some cards and would love to do a layout or two (dream on) Need to cook up some meals for myself for next week and do some uninterrupted cleaning and organizing.

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