Sunday, April 17, 2011

Quite Weekend

Crappy photo, but really is a cute card Easter card using stamping and blending pen with ink pads, no need to spend money on markers
Leftover paper from the sewing card, stamped the back then turned them into pinwheels, ya no leftovers!!
A few more coin purses from Friday

What a quite relaxing weekend.... I started 3 new books over the weekend, what was I thinking!! Spent Saturday morning in the scrap room playing around with cards, have a few more finished but enough with the pictures already. I hate leftover paper!! When I finished the sewing card I used the leftover dotted paper to make 2 dozen Birthday cards to give to the local nursing home, simple but cute and cost next to nothing to make.

Spent some time orginizing my closet and drawers at the crack of dawn Saturday, pitched some PJ's in the trash, they were discusting, why is it I stick with the same ones over and over until I wear them out. So Pj's and bra's went on the need right now list.

After the terrible storms had passed I ran up to Lane Bryant's about 30 miles up the road, our local store closed last year. After fighting the traffic, using up expensive gas the store had also gone out of business grr, that seems to be an every week thing in our area, always another store or restaurant going out of business. I love Lane Bryant bra's, they hold up great and come in fuller cup sizes for us heavy chested ladies and the price is right. Back home to a good book and in bed before the sun went down.

We decided to hold off on Sunday dinner this week, we were all together on Wednesday for daughter # 3 Birthday and we have a family trip coming up, we love each other dearly but....... Vacation should be enough family bonding time!! So off to Khole's I went today looking for a bra that would fit, priced right and wouldd bring the old gals back up where they belong. Lucked out, the bra's were on sale buy one get one 1/2 off and to top it off they were giving $10.00 Khole's bucks for every $50.00 you spent. Scored some bucks last week when I took daughter # 3 Birthday shopping so I now have a good stack of Khole's bucks to spend next month, I am thinking socks for the family for Christmas, something that won't go out of style by December.

It's to bed for me early again tonight. I have Karsyn and Kara both all week so I need to rest up for the activities, they keep the house rockin!!


  1. Love the cards! Especially the 2nd card with the sweet bunnies! Reminds me of Beatrix Potter! Adorable wallets too! I want to try one today! :)

  2. Thanks, it has bee toooo long since I have had the time to get in the scrap room I almost forgot my way around!