Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekly Spending

Look closely, Kara has her sweet her arm around Karsyn
She them went in for a big old kiss!!

My girls would kill me if they knew I posted this picture of the babies. They were both still in their PJ's. I don't dress the little girls until after they have breakfast and the big morning diaper. With two little ones I have to conserve my energy!! The Mommies like to keep the baby girls dressed like little dolls at all times but at Nanny's house I get a little slack in the fashion department.

Today was laundry and line drying in the 85 degree heat, UGHHHH It is hot as all get out here. The weather man says we will have a cool down by tomorrow, he better be right cause today I have been sweating my buns off. Karsyn and I took off with a few 40% off coupons and headed to the chain fabric store in search of a reasonably priced rotary cutter. Low and behold they had the $29.95 cutters on sale for $14.99, same cutter as the fancy fabric store had for $79.00 ya me!! After speaking to a friend this AM about the whole get out from under my rock (stop using scissors for cutting) I realized I already had a rotary cutting mat, had several as a matter of fact, I use them in scrap booking classes DUHHHH. Tomorrows job will be playing around with the new tool to get some sewing projects cut out. I was able to finish up 2 gifts tonight that were on the to do list for last weekend and I think I organized my head enough to know what to tackle next. Now to the good, bad, and ugly on spending

Weekly spending

Gas - $66.69 Gallon of gas now $3.71

Groceries - .00

Fabric store - $47.00

Sewing class $20.00

Eating out - $42.00

Under budget by $25.00, but that won't touch the reckless spending Rambo man and I each had Sunday. I used my new walking presser foot tonight on some quilted placemates, oh my, is all I can say!! Have no idea what the heck all the other stuff in the box is for, maybe if I can find the time and read the directions I could figure it out.

Last but not least I recived the most thoughtful gift in the mail today, Thank You so much Val !!! You really shouldn't have but I am so glad you did, LOVE IT. Once I get the gift framed I will share on the blog. Off to bed in the lightest weight nite I can find with all the fans on full speed.

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