Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sweet Home Alabama

Sweet little ruffle apron, and I do mean LITTLE
Some yummy new fabric

Our hearts are breaking from the news coming out of Alabama. Rambo man grew up in Huntsville AL, our family moved to the area when I was still in High school, we meet, married and started our life together there. We have many family members and friends who still reside in Alabama, we have heard from most of them but still waiting for news from a few. We are now under a high wind advisory and a tornado watch until 2:00AM, storms have already moved into the Asheville NC area so it looks like I will be up late into the night with an eye on the sky.

Today was my last day of spring break before the babies return tomorrow. I decided to blow off everything I shoulda and coulda done today and treat myself to a trip to the fabric store. I needed to sign up for a few classes I am taking in May and pick up the materials for class, of course I didn't stop there..... Picked up the pattern for the ruffle apron pictured above along with a jelly roll and 2 fat quarters that would make 2 aprons, ya right. Had enough fabric to make one little bitty apron, the length is fine, the ties are OK, but the waistband is 14 inches, GRRRR I thought maybe I picked up a child's pattern but the size says adult small to XXXL. The bib aprons I make most of the time have a waistband of 26 inches, plenty roomy for any size lady. Gonna have to find some skinny A... person to pass this little jewel on to. I will give it another try using bolted fabric, the jelly rolls are to expensive, also plan to change the construction a bit, didn't like what they suggested and of course I will be enlarging the pattern by A LOT!! Have the supplies for 2 classes I will be taking next month and a few extra fat squares for a cute little "Snap Happy" bag I want to make. In all my spare time! HA


  1. Love the apron! You're so talented!! I cant wait till i can sew like you! lol! I'm skinny in case you're wondering... ;) lol!! Love the fabric you picked up! You have great taste! I've been doing a wee bit of fabric shopping too! Will post when I get it! :)

  2. HA, not so much talent as willing to just do it and see what happens but thank you anyway. We have a fabric store in the area that has the most gorgeous fabric ever, can't go wrong when you walk in the door, just need lots of cash!