Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Back in business

Worked out to be enough zucchini for 8 loaf of bread over the winter
Child's quilt almost done!

New set of placemats almost done

Monday morning started off on the wrong foot, no matter what I tried to get done something or somebody wanted to defeat me! I won't go into detail cause I just might get in a bad mood again, here is a list of the offenders. State tag office, Our crappy bank, Car repair shop, Car rental center,
Photography shop, home computer. I will tackle the state tag office again next week when they get off a weeks vacation!! Yep you read that right the whole durn office is closed. The bank will be a tag team event when Rambo man has a day off, the rest was conquered. Thank goodness for chocolate brownies or I wouldn't have made it through the day!! Speaking of brownies I had a few home canned cherries leftover from supper Sunday, not enough for our next meal. I drained them then threw them in the brownies, YUMMM, gonna try it with any leftover strawberries next time, I bet that would be good as well.

We had our buddy Dudley (his geek nick name) over last night to clean up the virus on our PC, thank goodness he was able to make the repairs, a new PC is not on our spending plan. Dudley never accepts pay for helping us out so I put together a goodie bag for him to take home to the family. His wife is a jelly freak, I made sure to include strawberry jam and apple butter along with some other home canned things I know they like.

After all the frustrations Monday I took Tuesday as an AT HOME don't mess with me day. The garden is finally giving us enough extras to put some back for winter. I worked up zucchini by shredding it them vacuum packing to freeze for zucchini bread this winter, we still have 6 packages left from last summer that I need to use up. Jalapeno peppers went in the dehydrator then in a canning jar, we were close to being out from last year.

After doing a little housework it was on to the scrap/sewing room for the afternoon. I am done with the child's quilt except for the binding. I am a little unsure how to finish it off so I will hold out until I take a class next month on quilting. Got started on a set of placemats that are turning out really cute, I am going to change the construction process a bit before working on the next set. I had a heck of a time turning the fabric once the backing was on and getting all the points and corners to lay nicely. I think I can skip that step next time and just zig zag the front and back together then finish up with a satin stitch on the edge (I hope)

I want to make each of the grands one as a special Birthday placemat to use the week of their Birthday's, that might be a fun thing for them to have and use each year. I have already worked the garden this morning, gave the house a lick and a promise, planned our supper so I am headed out the door in the rental car to pick up a little fabric to start on the grands placemats. I have some cute girlie fabric for the babies but I need a little more coordinating fabric to go with it and backing. Everything I have for a boy is to babyish for Tyler. I need to see what I can find that will work for over the years, I'm not feeling the theme deal. Right now it's all about super hero's, and elephants. last year it was trucks, trains and John Deer tractors, he has passed the Elmo, Dora, Wiggles, Backyardinkins and Wonder pets stage, who knows what next year will bring. I am thinking tools and construction, he and his Papaw have been all about that from the time he could hold a hammer!
Rambo Man forgot his phone today, so sad for him, good for me, I know he won't be calling with ideas he wants me to take care of!!

PS; I do have a coupon for the fabric store and I am no about to blow the budget on 3 placemats (I hope)


  1. LOVE the placemat!!!! That looks hard.., *sigh* Did you just create that yourself or follow a tutorial? I'd love to try one!!

  2. I used a pattern in the book "Quilting in No Time" by Emma Hardy, but didn't like how she worked the placemates up so I made changes. I will post some directions on the blog