Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer vacation!!

Busy little beaver Karsyn 8 months old
Snap bag with coin purse

Tomorrow starts my summer vacation, sorta! Daughter #1 finished up in the classroom today so she will be home with Karsyn and Tyler for the summer. I just might miss having Karsyn around to keep me on my toes but I am sure Mommy will share with me any time I want the kids. I will still have Kara 2 or 3 days a week but keeping up with one a few days a week will be a whole heck of a lot easier than watching the 2 babies for the past 6 months. Karsyn is turning into quite the dare devil. She started crawling 2 weeks ago and has since moved on to pulling up on anything and everything. Today she decided to try and take a step between the couch and end table, it didn't work out in her favor but she didn't mind, just tried again. Mom is going to have an eventful summer.

The pressure washer company finally made it to the house today, only a week late :( why do companies continue to be so wishy washy in this economy is beyond my understanding. I found a $20.00 off coupon on line to help cut the cost a little but it still ran us $280.00. Tomorrow will be putting all the furniture, flower pots and stuff back where they belong, you would think at the price they charge they would put things back in place. Got the front yard mowed and the zucchini weeded after Karsyn left this afternoon, brought in a few veggies and our first tomato (gonna have me a mater sandwich for lunch tomorrow)! Tomorrow will be more work in the garden and mow the back yard after Kara leaves for the day, wish I could say I was caught up with outside work after that but no such luck.

The snap bag and coin purse pictured are a gift I made for a friend in need of a little cheering up to take to the beach next week. The fabric is some of what I picked up at the 60% off sale a while back, wish they would have had more of this fabric, it would make cute PJ's for the little girls! I added a pocket to the front of the snap bag with a Velcro closure for her cell phone, the bag is big enough to hold a book and reading glasses along with whatever else seems to settle at the bottom of the beach bag. She can put a few dollars in the coin purse to use if she wants a drink from one of the vendors, can't wait to hear from her when she receives her goodie box.

If your looking for a good read on vacation this summer give "Heaven Is For Real" a try, I finally finished it this week, super good book. I have a heck of a time staying awake at night long enough to get much reading done. I have a nice stack of books on the end table and in the nook I hope to work through over the summer.

Orders for camera strap covers will be going in the mail first thing in the morning. I have made enough $$ selling them to cover the cost of sewing classes in July along with the supplies, WOOHOO!! And thanks to all for your orders!

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