Wednesday, June 15, 2011

No Alarm Clock

More camera straps in the mail

I woke up to no alarm clock, rush hour traffic, or loading and unloading a chunky butt baby! This is the leisure life for sure! We have had 24 hours of some nice cool weather with very little humidity so I headed to the deck this morning with a cup of tea in my night gown. Sounds lovely doesn't it, well it would have been if the lawn was mowed, deck furniture back in place, garden weeded, and more planting done. I treated myself to a second cup of tea only after I got the deck back in order and pulled the rest of the lettuce that had gone bad. My little experiment with lettuce this year didn't work out as good as I had hoped. Once the temperatures reach over 90 degrees it doesn't seem to matter where it is planted it just won't make it. So much for free fresh lettuce, we will have to hit the market for salads until fall.

After the second cup of tea I tucked my night gown into a pair of shorts to weed the summer squash, bell peppers, and jalapeno peppers. The pepper plants all look a little scrawny this year so I am going to put in a few additional plants just in case these guys give up on us.

The pressure washer fellas left a milky residue on all of the windows, grr.... next on my list was to get the kitchen and breakfast room windows washed. I will get to the rest in time but I couldn't stand to look out the kitchen windows with that yucky stuff on them one more day. Then on to the post office to get orders in the mail (I did shower and dress first) Finished the day pulling the rest of the radishes that are past there prime, we have enough for supper a few more nights. Weeded the potato and onion bed, brought in veggies that were ready then mowed the back lawn. That's a full day of labor for sure!

Rambo man arrived home tonight, we had a little talk regarding the debit card.....he surprised me by using it while in TX for the past 2 weeks. Of course the surprise was when I was doing our banking today and noticed a huge difference in the balance I expected to see. The other surprise last week was he forgot to turn in his time cards so we didn't get paid, that's why I had to wait until today to do our banking. We will get refunded everything he spent while on the job but the spending wasn't in my plan for this pay period. Made a note to myself to ride his tail until he gets the paperwork submitted for our reimbursement. He has a company credit card so I never expected he was dipping in our personal account Re-entry is never easy when we have been separated this long.

We have a nice steady rain tonight that should last until tomorrow, I hope to finally get the kitchen cabinets washed down then work in the scrap/sewing room for the afternoon. It's so nice to listen to rain instead of violent storms for a change.

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  1. Love the camera straps! :) Awesomethat you're erring so many orders!!

    Bummer about the lettuce! :( At least you have some fresh produce though! Next year I need to figure out how to garden! I really want one!